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Mychelle's Commission Sheet: 2016 by Mychelle Mychelle's Commission Sheet: 2016 by Mychelle

Bullet; Red AS OF 10/05/2016: These will be my current pricing going forwards from this date only! Bullet; Red
As for my loyal customers, and anyone that was quoted BEFORE the above date: You will still be
quoted along my previous commission sheet's prices. You know who you are, and I thank you!
Old price sheet can be found here: Commission Sheet: 2015


:work: With the prices above, you are roughly paying me $5.00's an hour.

Bullet; Red *NOTE* I do not do art as a professional job. I hold down a full-time job. (Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM)
I finish artwork in the free time I am given after work.
I game on the weekends and hang out with my mom. (Insert collective Awwww here.)
So this is the collective time-frame I will be working on any commissions.

I do not take returns/offer refunds on completed work.
You are paying me for my TIME SPENT. (And thus, it is time that can not be returned.)

Bullet; Yellow F2U Bases: (Free-To-Use)
For if your wanting your character created via a F2U Base.
Base must be allowed to be used for this purpose by original creator.
(Example: To be allowed for adopts, ect.)
(If creator does not want their base being used for commission purposes, it can not be used.)
(If creator only allows points, then only points will be accepted for payment.)
  • Flat Color: $5.00 (500 :points:)
  • Shaded Color: $8.00 (800 :points:)
  • Complexity: Extra details will be taken into account and price change may occur.
  • Please note me for details and we will work out an appropriate price. Before commission is started.
Bullet; Yellow Please include:
  • Character Picture Reference/'s:
  • Character Name:
  • Character's Cutie Mark / Or Reference Image:
  • Unicorn Magic Color: (If character is a unicorn.):
  • Base: Link to the free to use base if your wanting a base used:
  • Any minor details that you want to be included in your picture. (Details are everything!):

Bullet; Red Things I don't draw:

  • NSFW Related Content
    (No. I'm not drawing Porn or anything Porn related, this includes
    Fetish scenes that may or may not be entirely porn related.)
  • Humans / Equestria Girls
    (I can NOT draw humans at all. x.x Please don't make me! I'm not your artist for humans!)

Bullet; Green Things I will draw:

  • OC / Original Characters (Ponies, or Pony-ish Species only!)
  • Male or Female Pony OC's
  • Canon Ponies from the show. Main Cast, or Background characters.
  • Alicorns / Changlings / Zebra's / Ect. (MLP Species)
  • Bases: I will draw your pony on a FREE TO USE Base of your choosing.
  • Non-MLP: Cats / Dogs / Wolves / Foxes / Ect.
  • Suggestive Content: Flirty / Kissing / Cuddling (I SUCK AT KISSING DRAWINGS FORWARNING) / Ect.
  • Ponified Characters - Got a human character you want ponified? I can do that. This includes cats and canines as well.

If you wish to re-publish my work to your own account, all you simply
have to do is ask my permission, once given, all you have to do then is
link back to me so I can favorite it to keep track of where my artwork
is also being posted at. The posted artwork must link back to me.
If you wish to post my artwork to a different site, just let me know the
link so I may save it after I have given permission to do so.

Bullet; Yellow Please :note: NOTE ME :note: if you are interested in anything! Bullet; Yellow 

Paypal is preferred!
DA: Point Conversion Rate: 100 :points: = $1.00

  dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins Paypal Accepted Stamp by dalmins

The above stamps were created by: dalmins

Bullet; Red If paying via Paypal you will be sent an Invoice on completion of commission. Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red Invoice price will be discussed and agreed upon before commission is started. Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red If paying via DA Points, a Widget will be made for you on completion of commission. Bullet; Red

Bullet; Yellow Examples of "Headshots": (No Backgrounds / Shaded)
Art Fight: Scented Pony: Dragon's Blood
Lineless / Simple Shaded
Art Fight: MLP OC: Blossom Oak
Lineless / Simple Shaded
Art Fight: Pond Pony: Holly Simple Shaded
MLP: Canon: Gothic Fluttershy Simple Background / Full Shaded
MLP: OC: Contest: Love Note No Background / Full Shaded

Bullet; Yellow Examples of "Fullbody": (Simple Backgrounds /  Shaded)
MLP: OC: Pond Pony MYO: Ruby Falls [Approved]
No Background / Simple Shaded
MLP: OC: Sacrament
No Background / Not Shaded
MLP: Relaxing Luna Full Shaded / Background
MLP: OC: Shadoe [V2] No Background / Not Shaded
MLP: Overwatch: Lucio Complex Character / Full Shaded / Simple Background
MLP: OC: Hot Shot [V2] No Background / Simple Shading
MLP: OC: Prince Mourning Star No Background / Full Shaded
MLP: Looking Glass: Seaglass Theme No Background / Simple Shading

Bullet; Yellow Examples of "Fullbody Multiple Characters":
MLP: Commission: Jaegerpony Crew
MLP: Commission: Jaegerpony Crew (x2)
MLP: Commission: Jaegerpony Crew (x3)
MLP: Commission: Jaegerpony Crew (x4)
MLP: Commission: Jaegerpony Crew (x5)
MLP: Commission: Jaegerpony Breezies

Bullet; Yellow Examples of "F2U Bases": (Mini Reference Sheets / Flat Colored)
MLP: OC: Cross Stitch Simple Shaded
MLP: OC: Pyro Blast Reference Simple Shaded
MLP: OC: Mist Blade Reference Simple Shaded
MLP: OC: Rocket Science Reference Simple Shaded

Bullet; Yellow Canine References:
Canine: Skyler Doggy
(Fullbody / Shaded / No Background)
Canines: Dachshunds
(2 Headshots / Shaded / No Background)
Canine: Adian Doggy
(Fullbody / Shaded / No Background)
Sketch: Random Wolf Pup
(Headshot / Sketch)

Bullet; Yellow Feline References:
Sketch: Loki Cat
(Headshot / Sketch)
Sketch: Kitty: Trust me. Its the perfect plan.
(Headshot / Sketch)
Sketch: Warriors OC
(Headshot / Sketch)

Bullet; Yellow
Lineart Examples:…

Bullet; Yellow Sketches:…

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Cinnamon-scroll Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how much to have you put shading on one of my drawings?
(i have the sai file)
Mychelle Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would have to take a look at the file to estimate the work, if you were okay with sending it over to my gmail, and I can get back with you on an estimate. =P Were you wanting Simple or Fully-Detailed Shading?

My email is (Just make sure you note that you are Cinnamon-scroll from DA so I will remember you! I have the memory of a hamster. lol)

I wont be back to my art PC till Monday so I wont be able to open the file till then, but as soon as I do I can note you. =P

(And feel free to bug me if I dont get back with you right away. Like I said. Memory-hamster. Heh.)
Cinnamon-scroll Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mychelle Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Got it! Soon as I can open it on Monday I'll let yah know via note. =P Thanks!
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